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Raitis Cerkasovs MSc ACT || Internet and Web Technologies, Coursework 1

The purpose for this coursework is to learn about Javascript, DOM and XSLT to produce XML documents.

Input file. It can be eather booker.xml or nobel.xml (example: booker.xml)
XPath predicate (example: 2000 > year)
Element name to sort by. For booker.xml it can be: author, title or year. For nobel.xml: year or author. (example: year)
Sequence of elemnt names to display seperated by ",". For booker.xml it can be any sequence of author, title or year. For nobel.xml: year or author. (example: title, year)

Used XML files:

Used XSL stylesheet:

Existing validators:
Please enter the XML file name.
File not exist. You have to enter a full file name with extension. Example: booker.xml
Sorting parametter: 'xxx', is not a valid XML file node name.
Sequence parametter have invalid node names: xxx

*Internet Explorer and Firefox count the childNodes in a HTML document in different ways. Firefox counts every empty space (possible textNodes) as a childNode, while Internet Explorer counts only some of them. In my code is not solution for possible case when all XML file is inline element. In that case in Firefox validators my work unexpectedly.

** There is also distiction between IE, Firefox and Safari, Chrome browswers in the terms how to use Javascript getElementsByTagName() function.